Ian Wright, M.D.

Ian Wright, M.D. USAP Bio

About me
I trained as an anesthesiologist and ICU specialist in England, and used those skills when I moved to the U.S. to become a specialist in cardiac, thoracic and transplant anesthesia. I now spend one day a week as an administrator, organizing how care is delivered to all our patients. I use my anesthesia skills, honed on the very sickest patients, to look after a broader range of patients, from obstetrics to orthopedic surgery, Outside work, I spend as much time as possible in the outdoors, skiing and mountain biking. I love to cook and entertain others, and I like nothing better than lively conversation around the dinner table.

Areas of clinical interest
I am especially interested in providing the best possible pain relief in patients who are either undergoing very painful procedures (such as chest surgery or joint replacements), or are already suffering from long-standing pain that makes conventional pain medicine less effective. I use different methods (depending on the individual patient’s needs), such as nerve blocks with local anesthetics, or combinations of medicines that work better together, or sometimes both.


  • MD, St. Bartholomew’s Medical College, London (University of London), 1980
  • Residency, Internal Medicine (London Teaching Hospitals) 1983
  • Residency, Anesthesia (St. Bartholomew’s Medical College) 1986
  • Fellowship, Critical Care (Western Infirmary, Glasgow) 1988
  • Fellowship, Cardiac and Thoracic (South Western Regional Hospitals) 1990
  • Board Certification (U.K.), Internal Medicine 1983
  • Board Certification (U.K.), Anesthesia and Critical Care 1985
  • Board Certification (U.S.), Anesthesia 1995