JLR and USAP are Proud to Partner with MAPMC

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – June 9, 2015 -- U.S. Anesthesia Partners (“USAP”), the nation’s largest anesthesia-focused, single-specialty physician services organization, today announced its partnership with Medical Anesthesia and Pain Management Consultants (“MAPMC”).

MAPMC is a market-leading anesthesia practice located in Fort Myers, Florida.  Established in 1969, the practice is comprised of over 75 anesthesia providers offering a wide-range of anesthesia services to multiple acute care hospitals in its service area.  Known for its commitment to providing high quality care to its patients, MAPMC commands a strong reputation in the southwestern Florida market as a trusted provider of professional anesthesia services.

“We are proud to partner with a practice as strong and reputable as MAPMC,” said Kris Bratberg, Chief Executive Officer of USAP. “The MAPMC physicians’ interest in joining USAP proves that high-quality physicians and leading practices believe in USAP’s unique partnership approach to anesthesia.”

“We welcome the addition of MAPMC to USAP and JLR,” said Dr. Norm Warner, President of Joseph L. Riley Anesthesia Associates (“JLR”). “Our collaboration with other high quality groups allows JLR to improve its clinical performance and increase its level of service. This affiliation positions JLR and USAP for continued growth and success.” 

In connection with this new partnership, MAPMC will join JLR as USAP continues its expansion in the state of Florida. JLR, a leading provider of anesthesia services in the Orlando metropolitan area, is a founding partner of USAP.

“MAPMC prides itself in staying ahead of the curve from both a clinical and business perspective,” said Dr. Ralph Gregg, President of MAPMC.  “Between the accelerating consolidation trends and the increasing demands of our facilities, patients, and payers, we clearly recognized the need to leverage the resources of a larger organization.  We are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with USAP, where the physicians retain control over the local culture and practice, as well as enjoy the economic benefits of their practice’s success.  USAP has a strong commitment to investing in data-driven quality analysis and other technology initiatives to support its physician partners.  When combined with the opportunity to collaborate with highly-regarded physicians in USAP’s other markets, there is no doubt that MAPMC will be well-positioned to provide high quality anesthesia services to our customers in the new era of healthcare.”

Since its formation at the end of 2012, USAP has grown to over 1,700 anesthesia providers. The MAPMC transaction is the fourth new partnership announced by USAP during 2015, along with Denver-based Greater Colorado Anesthesia, Dallas-based Anesthesia Consultants of Dallas and Dallas-based Excel Anesthesia.

“We are pleased to bring together two of the most clinically-progressive groups in Florida, MAPMC and JLR; a transaction that further validates USAP’s partnership model.  Our model allows our physician partners to maintain governance of their practice, and benefit from our collaborative efforts to drive growth,” said Michael Holland, Chief Development Officer for USAP. “We continue to see significant interest from leading practices throughout Florida that are interested in joining USAP.  Together, we are building the nation’s preeminent, pure-play anesthesia services organization.”

Anthony Norris and Jarrett Szeftel of Ropes & Gray LLP provided legal counsel to USAP.  David Schick of Baker, Hostetler provided legal counsel to MAPMC.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

MAPMC is a leading group of anesthesia providers in the Fort Myers, Florida metropolitan area.  MAPMC serves several hospitals in the area, and has a long history of providing quality anesthesia services to the local community. MAPMC’s extensive service offerings are comprised of several major anesthesia disciplines, including cardiac, neurosurgical, orthopedics, obstetrics, pediatrics, ambulatory and general vascular services.  Visit www.mapmc.com to learn more.

About USAP
USAP is a physician-services organization that is dedicated to providing high-quality anesthesia care. USAP partners with leading physician groups, and provides the capital resources and business expertise needed to position them for continued growth and success in their markets. USAP’s physician partners maintain governance of their practice, and collectively own approximately fifty percent of USAP. USAP-affiliated physician groups share operational and clinical best practices helping to facilitate the delivery of consistent, quality services for patients, surgeons and facilities. USAP’s more than 1,700 anesthesia providers serve healthcare facilities in Florida, Texas and Colorado. USAP’s capital partner is Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, an investment firm with significant experience investing in and building leading healthcare companies.  Visit www.usap.com to learn more.

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