JLR Medical Group Joins US Anesthesia Partners

JLR Medical Group, one of Florida’s largest anesthesia practices, today announced it will become a founding partner in U.S. Anesthesia Partners (“USAP”), an anesthesia-focused physician services organization.

Orlando-based JLR Medical Group (“JLR”) will join Greater Houston Anesthesiology (“GHA”) and Dallas-based Pinnacle Anesthesia (“Pinnacle”) as a partner in USAP, bringing together three of the largest anesthesia groups in the country. Each will continue to provide services under their individual brands within their markets.

“Joining GHA and Pinnacle in forming USAP is an exciting and noteworthy move in the 25-year history of JLR Medical Group,” said Dr. Douglas Olin, president of JLR. “Collaborating with other high quality groups to improve our collective clinical performance and increase the level of service we are able to provide positions JLR for continued growth and success.”

“Entering the Florida market through our partnership with JLR is consistent with our growth strategy of identifying the most attractive geographies and establishing a presence within them by partnering with the leading groups of anesthesiologists,” said Kris Bratberg, President and CEO of USAP. “Under healthcare reform, hospital systems are looking for more sophisticated services from their anesthesia providers.  By bringing together the nation’s top-tier anesthesia practices, supporting them with capital and other resources and allowing them to share best practices, investments in IT and other infrastructure, we position them to provide a higher level of service to their facilities, surgeons and patients.”

“With our partners at USAP, we are going to have the means to increase our scale and invest in new infrastructure,” says Carl Michael, CEO of JLR. “We are taking an aggressive and forward-thinking approach in adapting to healthcare reform. Our hospital partners are growing, and we will be ready to meet their increasing needs.”

Raymond James served as the financial advisor to JLR. DLA Piper LLP attorneys Joshua Kaye and Valerie Novales provided legal counsel to JLR. Anthony Norris and Christopher Parsons of Ropes & Gray, LLP represented USAP.