Good Faith Estimates
Good Faith Estimates

USAP is committed to providing patients with transparent pricing so they can understand their potential out-of-pocket costs. Our Patient Advocacy team is available to offer price estimates, help with the financial assistance application process, and to answer specific questions about insurance coverage.

The pricing information provided by USAP is a good faith estimate based on the information available at the time of the request and is not a guarantee of what the patient will be asked to pay. Please understand that in many cases it is impossible to predict the final anesthesia cost that will result from the patient’s procedure. Anesthesia services are typically based on how long a procedure lasts. Variables that may alter the final anesthesia cost include the length of time spent in surgery, the patient’s physical status at the time of the procedure, unforeseen complications, or additional interventions ordered by the surgeon to provide the patient with the best possible care.

A good faith estimate from USAP is not a contract and does not require the patient to obtain anesthesia services from USAP.

To request a good faith estimate for professional anesthesia services, please select one of the following: