Quality Anesthesia Care: We're raising the bar for the Industry.

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I am a patient

You can expect the best in care. USAP is privileged to be a partner in your care. We are focused just on anesthesia, nothing else, and have some of the world’s foremost experts on anesthesia patient care leading our organization. We work with you to reduce your stress, keep you comfortable and provide the best possible experience before, during and after your procedure. Your caring, professional, and quality-driven USAP provider is a part of the team focused on giving you the best care available today.

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I'm part of a physician group

Join the nation’s premier anesthesia team. You’re a quality-focused, high-performing, anesthesiologist-led group that’s passionate about using data for continuous improvement in patient care. You embrace collaboration and the sharing of best practices. You want to remain clinically independent, but your practice could best meet the challenges ahead with the support of a top-tier business leadership team. We have a lot in common—let’s talk.

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I'm a facility or system executive

Focused on data-driven, measurable outcomes. USAP is the highest quality, single-specialty anesthesia practice in the country, with some of the world’s foremost experts on anesthesia patient care leading our organization. Our data-driven approach gives complete visibility to the anesthesia care we provide in a variety of settings, across hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and health systems. We believe that data illustrates the value we add in the areas that matter to you—excellent clinical outcomes, an efficient OR, and satisfied patients and surgeons.

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I am a payer or employer

High-quality, efficient and predictable anesthesia care. USAP’s exclusive focus on delivering high-quality anesthesia care—combined with our data-driven approach to continuous improvement, in-network contracting strategy, flexible arrangements and alternative payment methodologies—ensures that your members will receive superior anesthesia care in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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I am a surgeon

Reliable and capable—our care teams share your goals for excellent patient outcomes. With USAP anesthesia teams in your OR, you can rest assured that you’re working with a care team that shares your commitment to high-quality patient care—on time and on task. These highly-skilled professionals have leadership roles within our organization, the anesthesia industry and the various clinical settings in which they practice. Your USAP team regularly taps our advanced analytics to drive ongoing improvements in clinical practice, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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I am looking for job opportunities

This is an exciting time to join USAP. USAP is always on the lookout for top-notch clinical and non-clinical professionals to join our growing team and help us shape the future of anesthesia care. We’re the top, single-specialty anesthesia provider in the country, and we are looking for team members who are committed to excellence. If you are passionate about what you do, enjoy collaborating and want to put your rich experience to work helping ensure quality patient care—all while being rewarded for your leadership and skills—check out our current opportunities.

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In 2013, we started USAP with a simple idea. If we combine high-quality anesthesia groups with high-quality business expertise, we'd create an organization that could provide superior clinical care and efficiencies in order to benefit the patients, surgeons, healthcare facilities and payors.

Kris Bratberg, Chairman

Are you a patient?

Learn about your care team, what to expect before, during and after your procedure, or pay your bill.

Anesthesia information
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Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Started as a way to change the way medical quality was approached, our CQI program is about the single goal of improving patient outcomes. It’s become a tested clinical care and risk management program with many years of proven, positive results.

Our commitment to CQI

We can bring together the synergies of all these organizations, learn from each other and establish on a national basis a platform for anesthesiology that is going to be recognized as the best in the country, perhaps in the world.

Texas State Representative John Zerwas, M.D., Member, Board of Directors and Physician Partner, USAP

Fully committed to excellence in patient care

At USAP, our physicians, highly professional anesthetists and entire clinical care team are shaping the future of anesthesia. Innovative, data-centric processes and tools drive improvements in everything from successful clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction to reduced blood utilization and opioid use. We’re dedicated to creating measurable value for our patients, surgeons, facility partners, payers, investors and the communities we serve. Owned and clinically governed by practicing physicians and supported by a world-class business leadership team, USAP is uniquely able to deliver superior patient care—efficiently—while utilizing innovative solutions that make a positive difference in patient outcomes. 

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USAP gives premier anesthesia practices the best of both worlds: the ability to shape the future of your specialty while remaining independent in your local decisions.

Richard Dutton, M.D., Chief Quality Officer, USAP