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Rising costs. The shift from volume to value payment models. Increasingly complicated government mandates. In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex healthcare environment, hospital and health system executives need both high-quality clinical care and a more sophisticated level of knowledge and service from their anesthesiology groups.

You’re looking for physician leadership and USAP is designed for this role.

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You’re looking for physician leadership and USAP is designed for this role

USAP is majority-owned and clinically governed by high-caliber, highly respected, practicing physicians who understand your concerns and goals. Our people are knowledgeable thought leaders and include some of the world’s foremost experts in anesthesia. In fact, USAP provides its facility and system partners with a unique combination of characteristics that make us the preferred partner in efficiently delivering high-quality healthcare:

  • We have an exclusive focus on anesthesia
  • Our rigorous use of cutting-edge IT tools allows us to collect data from every patient
  • This data gives you complete visibility to the metrics that matter most
  • And we act on patient data to continually improve our service offerings
  • We invest in the ongoing education and training of all our providers
  • We have the ability to share operational and clinical best practices across our platforms

We’ve proven time and again that our anesthesia practice can and does enhance the healthcare experience for all stakeholders and can materially reduce the total cost of care.

We want to be a great partner to you and contribute to your success, now and into the future. Let’s sit down, as a team, and talk about where your organization is going in the next five to 10 years. When we have an opportunity to listen, learn and really understand your goals, we can align ourselves with you and tailor our services to help you get there.

We collect quality data from every single patient. Not only do we have the ability to collect and manage the data — we then use that data to create a better service offering. Additionally, our broad service capabilities enable us to build a team to fit the needs of your particular hospital.

Len Wright, Executive VP of Hospital Relations, USAP

Learn from Mike Friguletto, President of USAP, and Roberta Schwartz, Executive Vice President – Houston Methodist Hospital, how USAP adds value for both hospitals and surgeons.

Learn more about our unique value propositions

USAP’s many unique value propositions make doing business with us easy, efficient and quality-consistent across multiple sites.

Our exceptional clinical and administrative teams, data-driven clinical standards for quality and efficiency, in-network payer strategies, centralized credentialing and centralized revenue cycle management makes us a great partner. Learn about our commitment to quality care, what it's like to work with us, and how we provide a local focus with a national advantage.

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