Physician groups

We’re physician-owned and single-specialty focused

USAP enables our physician partners to focus on doing what they do best — provide the highest quality anesthesia care in the nation.

USAP physician partners are single-specialty groups enjoying the best of both worlds:

  • Clinical autonomy: We want you to continue being the same leading, successful, anesthesiology group that you always were. That’s why our clinical governance structure keeps local clinical decision-making and clinical operations in your hands.
  • Expert business leadership and support: USAP supports our physician partners with the depth and breadth of resources to enable their continued growth and position them for continued success and a more secure future.

In addition to our physician partners, we also actively develop physicians and promote to partner track to support our growth.

We use data, advanced analytics, collaboration and expert clinical and practice management knowledge to build a nationwide organization that is the premier anesthesia program for our facility partners, surgeons, payers and patients

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Why join USAP?

USAP’s anesthesiology groups are embracing change, learning from each other and availing themselves of our organization’s rich resources to stay up-to-date and collaborate on new solutions that lead to breakthroughs and ongoing clinical practice improvements.

Here’s what a few of our partners are saying about how joining USAP makes a positive difference.

We now have all these opportunities to collaborate with other excellent leadership and other excellent physicians. We have strong backing from a very strong executive board that is helping us make all the decisions we need to grow.

Anand Patel, M.D., USAP-Florida

Hear from Dr. Thomas Swygert on why joining USAP is more than just a transaction. USAP provides IT services, increases the quality of your staff, and increases the depth and breadth of services that you can provide.

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A partnership model with local clinical governance and high-quality patient care

USAP brings the additional resources leading anesthesiology groups need to continue growth and position themselves for a more secure future. Because we are partnering with leading, successful groups, weWe enable our physician partners to continue to focus on delivering the same high-quality service they always have. We bring experienced business leadership, drive organic growth, improve services through IT investments and grow through acquisitions. Learn about our commitment to quality care, what it's like to partner with USAP and more about our model.

What we provide

Practice management

USAP works with our anesthesiology physician partners to improve practice support operations and drive organic growth.

Monthly operating reports

USAP provides our physician partners with customized operating reports from our own best-in-class, on-demand, reporting system. Partners get the information they need, when they need it, to evaluate the profitability of their practices.

Billing and claims processing

USAP provides affiliated anesthesiology practice groups with management of their entire revenue cycle. We stay abreast of industry best practices, IT tools and changing reimbursement methodologies and invest in the best software for our organization.  

Human Resources

Our robust department provides support to improve employee satisfaction and keep all aspects of the clinical and corporate environment functional by recruiting quality clinicians and reliable, non-clinical employees who are attracted to the stability, flexibility and opportunities that only we provide. 

Legal and regulatory compliance

Our compliance program provides training for our team in all relevant areas of compliance, including HIPAA, and ensures that everyone is aware of the latest, relevant federal and state laws and regulations while giving our partners a voice in the program.


USAP serves as the credentialing liaison between our practice groups and hospital clients. Our advisors guide our physicians and staff through initial enrollment at a hospital, track and maintain licensures, send renewal notifications and field all inquiries and requests from hospital staff.  

Physician support

Our physicians thrive with support from USAP advisors and access to USAP proprietary technology.  

Collaboration tools

USAP enables collaboration and sharing of best practices among our physicians and staff through several methods, including online collaborative tools, in-person meetings and virtual discussions.  

Electronic Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

USAP’s anesthesiology CQI programs allow our physicians to collect and analyze a wealth of patient data and utilize it to continually improve our offering and prove our ability to provide quality care.  

Scheduling and resource planning

USAP provides tools that enable our physician groups to manage proper staffing solutions. We understand that each clinical setting is unique and has its own challenges. We tap into each group’s knowledge to create customized solutions to most effectively manage staff.  

Mobile enablement

The foundation of our mobile enablement strategy is to allow our providers to perform as many of their tasks as possible when it is convenient for them. From collaboration, to continuous quality, to ongoing communication, our providers use the set of communication tools that are most effective for them.

Budgeting and financial planning

USAP’s flexible reporting platform provides our physician partners with granular information to determine the profitability of their practices, trends for future planning and helps to secure current holdings while allowing you to strategically plan for future growth.

Accounting and transaction processing

Our team of CPAs prepare regularly scheduled and on-demand financial statements, as well as tax accounting, for our anesthesiology partners.  

Patient portal

USAP provides a highly secure online portal for our patients to review statements and make payments for their procedures.


USAP’s experienced staff and quality initiatives regularly evaluate our partners’ workers compensation, D&O, errors and omissions, fiduciary, crime and general liability against the market to ensure their needs are appropriately met.  

Financial management

USAP’s experienced financial advisors and highly customizable reports, which are prepared using our proprietary software, provide our partners with knowledge and intelligence to thrive well into the future.  

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