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USAP care teams are everything you want and need from an anesthesia partner. We’re reliable, capable and the nation’s best-informed, single-specialty providers of high-quality anesthesia services. And, we’re always striving to improve. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with you.

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What you want from an anesthesia partner

We’re physician-owned and clinically governed by local, practicing anesthesiologists who share your goals:

  • Excellent patient outcomes: Your patients trust you to take good care of them, and you can rest assured we’ll do the same. Our innovative, metrics-driven, quality-focused groups exceed national benchmarks in all the areas that matter to you — shorter hospital length of stay, increased patient satisfaction, reduced mortality, and many more.
  • Great experiences: You’ll find us to be a pleasant, affable partner inside and outside the OR. Our in-network contracting strategy, best-in-class customer service, patient education and highly accurate billing helps create a hassle-free experience for everyone from pre-op through post-op. We’re also committed to maintaining existing relationships. So, if the anesthesia care teams where you operate become part of USAP, the change will be seamless.
  • OR efficiency: Our cutting-edge, data-driven approach to providing high-quality anesthesia care has led to breakthrough improvements in how we prepare patients for surgery. As a result, our cancellation rates are low and we’re decreasing turnover times. Our unique staffing model ensures that our care teams are ready for you, when and where you need them, even when you post a case late in the day.

What do our surgeons require of us? A smooth day in the operating room, for our anesthesia partners to be there throughout cases, have a quick turn-around time, start their day on time, and have the patients be in a safe environment.

Roberta Schwartz, Executive Vice President, Houston Methodist Hospital

Learn from Mike Friguletto, President of USAP, and Roberta Schwartz, Executive Vice President – Houston Methodist Hospital, how USAP adds value for both hospitals and surgeons.

Learn more about how we work with you

As a key partner with you, we understand the importance of providing the best anesthesia care, eliminating delays, and being a collegial member of the OR environment. Learn more about our commitment to quality care, how we're an active part of our communities and our commitment to patients.

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