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USAP anesthesiologists are part of the nation’s leading, single-specialty anesthesia practice. Our collaborative culture is steeped in excellence. We offer extraordinary opportunities for you to develop, grow and thrive.

We actively hire and recruit partner-track physicians  learn why USAP is the choice for you. 

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At USAP, we take seriously our duty to patients and our health care partners. We feel a responsibility to help shape the future of anesthesia, increasing the value our profession can provide and the positive impact we can make on patient lives.

With the people I'm working with here, I was able to work hard enough to get on a partnership track. [It] gave me a clear line of sight, a clear goal.

Dr. Jason McCrillis, USAP-Texas (Houston)

Dr. Jason McCrillis talks about how he became a leader at USAP through opportunity, hard work, and his commitment to helping others.

Get to know some of our providers

Cindy Calder, M.D. USAP-Texas (Houston)

Dr. Cindy Calder

"I started out in medicine wanting to heal the masses and save the world. I did one anesthesia elective and fell in love."

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Mark Rubin, M.D., USAP-Colorado

Dr. Mark Rubin

"I do not think of my career as work or a job, but more of a chance to share my skills as a human to improve the lives of others. I enjoy what I do — having the ability to affect lives in a positive manner — and I feel it is a tremendous opportunity that I have been lucky enough to find."

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Mark Anderson, M.D., USAP-Florida

Dr. Mark Anderson

"Treat patients with respect. Try to allay their anxiety from the start before jumping into a long list of questions. Florida Hospital Orlando is a very busy place, but I make every effort to focus on one patient at a time. This is hard when you are bombarded with phone calls. I feel my job is to get the patient through a stressful experience and interact on a human level."

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Tamitha Vansickle, M.D., USAP-Colorado

Dr. Tamitha VanSickle

"I have brilliant and compassionate partners. USAP has assembled a truly talented group. "

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